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XML Conversion Services We provide XML conversion services essential for publishers, electronic and print media; technical, financial, legal companies; colleges, universities and educational institutions, who deal with large and complex data and would like to share it across various platforms and archive this data in a well structured data format.
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We convert a wide variety of content or formats of data into XML format as per your requirement. We convert, PDF to XML, TIFF to XML, HTML to XML, Word to XML, Text to XML, Doc to XML, CSV to XML, Database to XML etc. We can also create XML for online formats such as eBooks, and XSL syntax, workflow as per your requirements and can build XSL style sheets suited to any XML content.
XML Tagging
We use XML tools such as XMLSpy and other in-house tools to work with XML technologies like; XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, XPath etc. and can convert different formats of data into XML. We have experience working with SGML, evaluating DTDs, NLM DTDs and creating DTDs from scratch. We have worked with a variety of content publishers including STM, college, school, literary and foreign language works in; French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
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